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Risk Management in the FedNow® Instant Payments Era Webinar


The Federal Reserve’s FedNow® service is poised to redefine the payments industry with its promise of speed and reliability. However, as the velocity of transactions intensifies, so does the threat landscape – or does it? This webinar underscores the emerging risks and vulnerabilities inherent with instant payment systems like FedNow®. We will unpack a toolkit of best practices and preemptive measures that institutions can use to fortify their defenses against cyber threats and fraudulent activities.

What You’ll Learn

  • Overview of FedNow® and its transformation of the payments industry
  • Changing fraud landscape in the era of instant payments
  • Key vulnerabilities with real-time/instant transaction systems
  • Effective strategies to detect, deter, and deflect cyber threats
  • Best practices for ensuring robust security protocols in a FedNow® environment
  • Understanding the regulatory and compliance implications of adopting FedNow®

Who Should Attend

This webinar is a must-attend for professionals in financial institutions aiming to integrate or already using the FedNow® service. Particularly beneficial for: Risk Management Specialists, Cybersecurity Officers, Operations Managers, Digital Strategy Professionals, Risk Management Departments, Compliance Officers, IT Departments, Innovation and Product Development Teams, and Training and Development Departments.