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ROI- Investing in Your People Portfolio Webinar


The employee “experience” is just as important today as our “customer” experience. What if we saw everything we did through the lens of our employees? Would that make or break our current practices related to hiring, coaching and building strong teams?

Answer this question: As a supervisor or manager…have I done everything possible to set this person up for success in their role? People excel when they are doing things where they can perform at their natural best. Have we created the right environment to set them up for success? What does our People portfolio “Investment” look like?

What we will cover:
• Create an employee experience from hiring and beyond
• Review of sustainable strategies in “how” to invest in your people portfolio
• Coaching – giving and receiving feedback – what does this look like through the lens of the employee
• Elements of building a productive team
• ROI – Ultimately, your employees’ success will drive business and team success