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SBA Lending- Costly Mistakes When Servicing the SBA Loan Webinar


SBA lending requires compliance with SBA rules and regulations, including requirements to properly service an SBA loan. How does a bank handle a request for exchange of collateral on an SBA loan? When does the bank have unilateral authority to take a servicing action on an SBA loan? Does the bank have to notify the SBA? And what if the SBA loan guaranty was sold on the secondary market to the investor? What input does the investor have when a bank is servicing an SBA loan? The course is designed to teach you how to determine if the bank can act unilaterally; whether the bank needs to notify SBA of the servicing action; or whether the bank needs SBA’s or the investor’s approval to take the proposed servicing action.

Topics covered include:
• When can a bank act on a servicing request without SBA or investor approval
• Understand the importance of the SBA Matrix, the 1086 Agreement; and SBA’s SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)
• SBA Servicing Offices in Little Rock and Fresno
• Notification requirements to SBA
• How to obtain SBA permission for a servicing action
• How to obtain investor permission for a servicing action
• What you cannot do when servicing an SBA loan
• Avoid the servicing actions that will affect your guaranty