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Securing Collateral Webinar


Collateral is required with the majority of loans, but understanding the details to ensure that we have accurately perfected our security interest is essential! Join us as we discuss identifying the parties to the loan transaction, including the role of guarantors. Key terminology and a summary of the Uniform Commercial Code articles will be discussed with an in-depth focus on Article 9 – Secured Transactions and the various types of filings. Tips for conducting UCC searches and common errors with UCC filings will be reviewed. Not sure how to determine if the collateral is personal property or a fixture? We will explain how to work though this identification process. Last, perfection tips and pitfalls by collateral category will be explained.

What You’ll Learn

  • Summary of each UCC Article
  • Focus on Article 9 – Secured Transactions
  • Types of UCC Filings
  • UCC filing common errors
  • Tips on conducting UCC searches
  • Is it personal property or a fixture? Let’s utilize the MARIA test!
  • Identifying the parties to the transaction
  • Collateral categories: perfection & pitfalls

Who Should Attend
This session is designed to be informative for all bank employees who need to understand security agreements and collateral perfection.