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Security Assessments: The How & Why Webinar


Every financial institution should conduct a comprehensive security review at least annually. The purpose of the review is to identify conditions that may result in a loss or legal action tomorrow or thirty years from now. The review simply targets a bank’s “loss potential” using a standardized, practical, and cost-effective methodology for analyzing the condition and contributions of the security function. It is also used for identifying the financial institution’s “windows of opportunity” for loss from all sources. Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) is a method of using the built environment and natural elements to make a space safer and more inviting to customers while helping to deter criminals from selecting a particular target. These principles are extremely useful when applied to financial institutions. These principles will be woven into the discussion of how to conduct your security assessments, and participants will learn how to application of them can make them a less attractive target.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to conduct your assessment
  • How often to conduct
  • Good lighting vs bad lighting
  • Branch design features to avoid
  • Using landscaping to your advantage
  • Physical security measures to reduce your risk
  • Altering behavior by changing the environment
  • Thinking like a criminal

Who Should Attend
Anyone whose responsibilities include physical security.