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Selling in a Challenging Rate Environment Webinar


Typically, rate is always an issue but skilled lenders and relationship managers know how to navigate a discussion with a client or prospect so that rate is less of an issue. But in today’s environment, with fed rates at an all-time high and the current challenging business environment, it’s more difficult than ever. Lenders must be very skilled at asking the right questions, uncovering potential issues and problems so that rate is not a surprise or a negotiating struggle. They must be excellent at consultative selling and positioning their value, which minimizes their need to negotiate rate.

At this program, sales execs and RMs will learn:
• How to sustain your bank business objectives of pursuing profit as well as volume
• How to identify the Sales DNA needed in an RM to effectively position value and support negotiation skills when needed
• A client-focused, consultative approach that will help RMs begin to “negotiate” the potential sale early in the process

Target Audience:
Ideal audience includes commercial and business banking management, lenders and training personnel