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Sharpen Your Consultative Selling Skills Webinar


Today’s buyers can research, find options, pricing, and purchase about every bank product online, making it harder for lenders to prospect and differentiate their solutions. Consultative salespeople differentiate themselves by helping their potential buyers self-discover why they need their guidance and products. They do that by managing the conversation skillfully, being adept at asking the right questions, probing, and listening with the intent to learn and understand. They bring indispensable value through the questions they ask and the way in which they ask those questions.

What You’ll Learn

  • Understanding the specific traits of “elite” consultative salespeople
  • Following a consistent, milestone-centric sales approach that drives their success
  • Using a skillful ‘drill down’ questioning approach to guide prospects to self-discover the value of the proposed solutions

Who Should Attend
Lenders, relationship managers, business bankers, new business development, sales managers, sales leaders, and trainers will benefit from this course.