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State of Cannabis Banking in 2023 – Is This the Year for Legalization? Webinar

July 12, 2023 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

We’ll talk about potential federal legislation and its chances. What will this mean? Will it be full legalization across the country or something lesser? What are the risks if you operate in multiple states? How will regulators treat these types of activities and what are the expectations from an AML standpoint? And do bankers need to turn into biochemists to figure all this out? We’ll provide the current lay of the land so every institution can make an educated decision on what it wants to do and how to plan

What You’ll Learn

  • The current state of banking MRBs (Marijuana-Related Businesses)
  • State legislation and legalization
  • Different styles of legalization – it’s not all the same
  • FinCEN and DOJ guidance – from the Cole memo to more recent guidance and best practices
  • Completing SARs for cannabis activities
  • Various federal legislation proposed over the years, and how it might impact future legalization
  • Hemp guidance from the agencies
  • USDA rules of hemp production
  • How all this impacts your institution and important decisions to make

Who Should Attend
This webinar is intended to anyone involved in the complicated decision to participate in the rapidly-growing cannabis industry. From Boards of directors to executive management, to compliance and risk professionals to attorneys, anyone seeking the current state of affairs on the legalization of cannabis banking activities will benefit from this session.