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Talent Management – Having the Right People in the Right Seats. Coaching Up or Coaching to Exit? Webinar


Answer this question: As a supervisor or manager…have I done everything possible to set this person up for success in their role? People excel when they are doing things where they can perform at their natural best. Have we created the right environment to set them up for success? How many of us have inherited teams that we are now expected to lead and make sure everyone is performing?

Managing your “bus” can be rewarding and challenging all at the same time but working at right fit is the key to optimal team performance.

What we will cover:
• Key attributes to determine right people in the right seats
• What coaching up and coaching to exit looks like
• Maximization performance and engagement if we achieve right seats on the bus
• Success factors of a winning team
• Sustainability for engagement and team success

Target Audience:
CEOs, Human resource officers, managers and supervisor