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The ABCs of ESG: A Primer for Bankers Webinar


Global challenges such as climate change, a prolonged pandemic, social upheaval, wealth inequality, demographic shifts, and racial injustice represent new or increasing risks for investors. The Federal Reserve, OCC, and FDIC have expressed concerns about the impact of climate on the safety and soundness of the financial system. Environmental, social, and governance risks combined with looming ESG regulations are producing heightened expectations for banks.

During the webinar, participants will gain a basic understanding of ESG principles and practices and explore why banks are starting to integrate ESG into strategic priorities. In addition, attendees will learn about a set of universal, material ESG metrics along with recommended disclosures that could be reflected in the annual reports of financial institutions.

Covered Topics

  • ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) defined
  • Why ESG interest is accelerating
  • ESG performance and long-term value creation
  • How to identify universal and material ESG metrics
  • ESG reporting and stakeholder engagement
  • Getting started with ESG
  • Case studies

Who Should Attend
The webinar is designed for senior managers and bank executives including the CEO, COO, CFO, Chief Human Resources Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Public Affairs Officer, Chief Compliance Officer, Chief Risk Officer, Chief Innovation Officer, General Counsel, CRA officers, and Head of Strategy.