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The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) for Lenders Webinar


This course is a comprehensive Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) secured lending program for persons new to banking and a good refresher course for experienced staff. We’ll focus on perfecting a valid, enforceable security interest on various types of commercial and consumer collateral, including documentation, filings, and analysis of lien positions.

What You’ll Learn

  • Overview and UCC definitions
  • Article 9 secured transactions
  • Perfection and attachment
  • Rules of priority
  • UCC forms and how they work: UCC-1, UCC-3, UCC-5, UCC-11
  • Common mistakes: debtor names, collateral descriptions, filing locations
  • Titled assets
  • Special rules for intellectual property
  • Special filing offices

Who Should Attend
Lenders, loan support staff, and loan quality personnel at any level.