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Understanding Bond Risks and Duration: Information Important to Financial Institutions in a Changing Interest Rates Environment Webinar


Join us for an informative and engaging webinar on the fundamentals of the bond market! This webinar is designed to provide you and your team with a comprehensive understanding of key concepts, including types of U.S. treasury securities, credit, and interest rate risks. By attending this webinar, your team will gain valuable insights and practical knowledge to help enhance your institution’s investment strategy.

What You’ll Learn

  • Bond terminology – coupon rate, maturity, and par value
  • Measuring various interest rates
  • Credit risk of bonds
  • Coupon rates and bond pricing
  • Types of U.S. Treasury debt
  • Bond Yields
  • Retiring debt prior to maturity
  • Interest rate risk
  • Duration basics
  • Effects of interest rate risk (duration)

Who Should Attend
Anyone that works with bank assets that is concerned about potential risks.