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Using an Effective Selling System to “Score” Your Prospects Webinar


A Probability Scorecard is like the yard markers on a football field. The yard markers give you a clear, definitive look at how much ground has to be covered before you score points; or in the case of defense, how much ground you have left to defend.

An effective Sales Probability Scorecard tells you almost exactly the information you have and might be missing and the likelihood of closing a specific opportunity. Wouldn’t that be helpful? You may already use a tool or system in your sales process that is meant to track the status of deals in your sales pipeline. But if the sales enablement tool you are using isn’t built around an effective selling system, then it will be not be predictive and will not help relationship managers close more business.

What You Will Learn

  • A milestone-centric sales process that breaks down the specific steps required to effectively create, qualify and close business.
  • How to establish the factors important to qualify the prospect (can be industry specific)
  • How to create a baseline for what a “closeable opportunity” is (i.e. 70% score is considered closeable)

Who Should Attend?
RMs and MSRs in all lines of business, tellers, LOB leaders, supervisors and training managers