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Utilizing Technology for the Compliance Officer Webinar


An effective compliance officer must gather and share information efficiently across the organization. Often this role includes developing presentations, identifying weaknesses, tracking exceptions, recognizing changes and conducting training sessions. It is essential that compliance officers utilize technology to stay organized and effectively communicate within the bank. Join us as this session is designed to share many tools to help accomplish these tasks.

What You’ll Learn

  • Utilizing Track Changes in Microsoft Word to identify changes when policies and procedures are updated.
  • Identifying changes in documents by utilizing Microsoft Word’s Compare and Contrast features.
  • Enhance an exception log by automating cell colors to change in conjunction with text updates.
  • Take advantage of bullets within a Microsoft Excel cell to generate lists.
  • Develop an electronic file system that organizes files in chronological order.
  • Capture document images through free software that contains editing tools. A great tool for sharing where compliance exceptions occurred!
  • Make use of animations and shortcuts during PowerPoint presentations to keep the audience focused and to effectively refer to a specific slide.
  • Reinforce training through an interactive game that is easy to create and mobile-friendly. Just one of many types of technology available to enhance your training program.

Who Should Attend
This webinar is designed for compliance officers and risk managers.