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Wage and Hour Basics Webinar


Wage and hour laws address a multitude of issues including what must be included as compensable work time, minimum wage, the timing and method of payment of wages, and, perhaps most importantly, the proper payment of overtime. The laws are complex and can create significant legal liability when organizations are not assessing and adjusting their practices to comply with the law.

This webinar will review wage and hour basics with a focus on overtime pay and exemptions from overtime under the Fair Labor Standards Act. Common wage and hour “”traps”” will be addressed and emerging wage and hour issues with remote work will be covered.

What You’ll Learn

  • Key factors for overtime exemptions and where MLOs stand
  • Employees you believe are exempt from overtime might not be
  • Common wage and hour mistakes with remote and hybrid work arrangements
  • Best practices in policy development to support wage and hour compliance
  • Why the “picky little rules” can create substantial liability

Who Should Attend
Professionals who are involved in human resources, management of people, budgeting and the setting of wages, executives, and in-house counsel will benefit from the program.