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What to Do When a Customer Dies Webinar

August 21, 2024 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Oftentimes, when a financial institution learns a deposit or loan customer has died, confusion about what to do next seems to be the result. We’ll walk you through the best practices when dealing with a customer’s death – both on the deposit side and the loan side, as well as unique issues that can arise when doing business with the decedent’s estate. This webinar provides information on best practices, rather than the unique features of any state’s probate laws.

Topics of Discussion

  • Documents required upon the death of an individual
  • Actions to be taken on deposit accounts owned by the decedent
  • How to deal with the decedent’s estate, or lack thereof
  • How to handle death as a default on a loan
  • New mortgage servicing rules impact mortgages after death
  • What to know about doing business with the borrower’s estate
  • Steps to take to protect collateral after the borrower has died
  • How death of a key person affects the borrowings of Corporations, Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies, Trusts and other legal entities

Who Should Attend?
New account representatives, personal bankers, customer service representatives, lenders and loan operations personnel.