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Why Pricing Matters to Your Organization’s Health Webinar


Deposit pricing is a crucial aspect of a bank’s organizational health. In today’s current economic environment, banks are facing a variety of challenges in managing their deposit strategy due to the rise in interest rates. A focus on funding needs, liquidity position, growth strategies, retention strategies, employee engagement, product offerings and interest rate risk management all play a key role in developing a successful deposit strategy. Let’s walk through the basics of how a bank makes money and the role a strong deposit strategy can play in becoming a high performing, profitable bank in today’s rate environment.

Specific topics covered in this program include:
• Basics of how a bank makes money
• Why pricing and deposit strategy is a key to healthy profitability
• Best practices for creating a strong pricing environment for your organization

Target Audience:
Branch managers, ALCO/pricing committee, directors, Executive leadership, marketing, retail banking officers