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Workplace Violence: What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You Webinar


How many people are currently contemplating committing an act of violence in your workplace? As a human resources professional, you must seriously consider this question. Do you have appropriate prevention protocol in place? Are your employees trained to recognize red flags, and do they understand how to report concerns? In this important and timely session, we will discuss key prevention actions, and methods for fostering a safe work environment. Do you have policies and procedures in place that reflect industry best practices? Discover prudent methods for handling disciplinary actions and conducting terminations, and fundamental elements that should be included in your employee training programs. Additionally, we will discuss recent case studies and lessons learned from survivors, along with warning signs and behaviors of concern that shouldn’t be overlooked. This session will give you knowledge and tools to help you confront issues before they escalate.

What You’ll Learn

  • Types of workplace violence
  • Warning signs/pre-incident indicators
  • Case studies
  • What and when to report
  • Counseling and defusing
  • Handling disciplinary actions
  • Triggering events
  • Navigating terminations
  • Critical policies and procedures

Who Should Attend
Human Resources in both the bank and credit union industries need this course.