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Writing Marijuana and Hemp Policy Webinar


Are you in or are you out? Either way, it is time to write your pot policy.

This look at the federal picture and the state picture will help you with your thought process in developing a pro or con policy for your financial institution. This policy, procedures and processes will need to be in place to help your manage your financial institution’s overall risk policy. We will give you a state handout on all your state laws. The way to navigate through both marijuana and hemp. You won’t want to miss this step by step guide to writing your procedures and policy


  • Where we are on both the state and federal level
  • What risks your financial institution faces
  • How to write your policy and procedures for marijuana and hemp
  • Developing a new account questionnaire for your state
  • Manage risk effectively
  • Determine who you will bank in 2021

Who Should Attend?
BSA Officers, Compliance Officers, Bank Management, New Account Representatives, Commercial Officers, Operations and Training.