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Writing Teller Training Webinar


What needs to go into the procedures? What needs to stay out? Who should write the procedures and what is the purpose? In today’s environment, it is important to get every branch on the same page and set expectations on handling cash, checks, security, and all the issues that teller’s face. Join us for an overview on writing teller training and procedures. They go hand in hand with success at the frontline. You will receive a template of over 400+ pages that you can use to begin your training and written procedures.

What You’ll Learn

  • Which procedures and training should you concentrate on first
  • Breaking down the content to build your own manual or online learning program
  • Painting the future for the teller so that he or she will stay
  • Using experienced tellers to help mentor new ones
  • Checks, security, financial institution procedures, dress code, professional skills and more

Who Should Attend
Training, human resources, head tellers, supervisors, branch administration, and tellers who will be involved in writing and setting company procedures.