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IBA Member Spotlight: Jared Lyle

Lyle: Bank Fosters Care for One Another

Jared Picture 6 14Jared Lyle enjoys the banking industry because of its belief in caring for the community. “This is very rewarding to me as I get up each day to know that the Iowa State Bank team is making a difference,” he said. “It is the reason that I will spend the rest of my career as a community banker.”

Lyle, a graduate from Iowa State University, is an executive vice president for Iowa State Bank. He has been with the bank since 2014 but has been a banker for the last 23 years. He finds it rewarding to work at a community bank that uses local deposits to lend back out for local needs that help ensure towns and cities remain relevant.

When looking back on your banking career, what achievement are you most proud of and why?

I am most proud of our team at ISB and what we have been able to accomplish over the years. We have a talented group of employees that work hard pulling in the same direction to accomplish our mission. Our people care about the communities they serve, the customers that live in those communities, and they do that in a bank culture that fosters care for one another. It has been an incredible journey to get to where we are, and I am excited to see what the future holds.

What piece of advice would you give to your past self or to anyone considering a career in banking?

Take your responsibilities seriously and yourself lightly. I have always tried to be a humble person and soak in knowledge by being an attentive listener to those around me. Mentorship is extremely important whether you are a veteran banker or a newbie. In order to be adaptive in this ever-changing world, we must never stop learning. I have been fortunate over my entire career to have had a multitude of great people to learn from. While there are too many names to mention, I would give each of them credit for setting an example that has benefited my career as well as my personal development.

What is your best elevator pitch for why banking is a great career?

Banking is a fast-paced, exciting career with so much variety from day to day. Community banking in particular is the lifeblood of our great state. Much of what we call good and successful in Iowa can likely have its roots traced back to a relationship with a local community bank. Likely a bank that believed in its customer and cared about its community. Community banks use local deposits to lend back out for local needs that help ensure our towns and cities remain relevant. This is very rewarding to me as I get up each day knowing that the Iowa State Bank team is making a difference. It is the reason that I will spend the rest of my career as a community banker.

How does getting involved with the Iowa Bankers Association help you and your bank?

The IBA is an outstanding organization that helps us in too many ways to mention. I think that one of the most encompassing statements would be to say that it helps us smaller community banks level the playing field and be able to compete with larger financial institutions based in other states that do business in Iowa. The training provided to myself and our bank staff is very professional and timely according whatever our needs are. Much of this would be cost prohibitive if we had to do it on our own. In general, I also appreciate their help in telling our story. For example, I was so pleased that within hours of the recent large west coast bank failure, I turned on WHO Radio to hear IBA President and CEO John Sorenson telling our story of why Iowa Banks are different.

When you’re not at work, what do you like to do most?

I like to spend time with my family around home, travel and time on the lake swimming or boating. I also enjoy college football particularly Iowa State.

What is a quote or guiding principle you live by?

“If you are going to do the right thing, you are going to feel some current in your face.”