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HRIS Vendor Guidance

Choosing the Best HRIS System for Your Bank

The Iowa Bankers Association HR team has put together the following questions to ask when Looking at HRIS vendors. These questions are based off our experience and what we learned going through the process ourselves. If there are specific questions you have, we are happy to help and offer our suggestions.

Time and Attendance

  • How do they handle year to year vacation? When can employees start asking for time-off for the following year?
  • How does the time off approval process work?
    • What communication goes out to supervisors to approve?
    • How many ways can they approve a time off request? How many steps does it take? (We have found that a “one stop shop” is best.)
    • When time off is approved does it automatically get added to the timesheet?
  • Go over your time off policies (personal, sick, vacation, intermediate sick, etc.). Do they understand how the system needs to work for you and can they show you how it would work?
  • Is there a calendar that will show a supervisor what dates all their employees have asked off? Do peers have access to view their peers’ schedules?
  • If an employee is out of vacation, sick, etc. will the system still allow them to request time off?
  • Timecard:
    • When an employee needs to add multiple earnings codes on one day, how does that work?
    • What is the process for supervisors to approve timecards?


  • Explain how you pay your employees (in the rears, on-time, etc.) and ask them to show you in their system how this would work.  Do they have other companies that pay the same as you?
  • When generating payroll how quickly does it generate?
  • If a time off request is added or approved after payroll has run, what is the process to correct?


  • Is there a carrier connection functionality to link to Iowa Bankers Benefit Plan?


  • Login process:
    • If an employee forgets their login information how does it get reset?
    • How many times can an employee try their login before they are locked out?
  • New Hires:
    • How do you setup a new hire in the system?
    • When can they be setup with time off accruals?
  • What access does staff have to the system outside of the office?
    • Do they have an app? Does the app have supervisor functionality?
    • Web based?
    • Can supervisors approve timesheets and time off outside of the office?
  • What programs are needed to run the system? Java, Adobe, etc.?
  • If need to update or correct something in the system will it be able to be seen immediately or is there a waiting period? Or are updates attached to payroll?
  • Is there a way for employees to acknowledge policies and for me to track it? Ex: Annual handbook acknowledgment
  • What does the administrative access look like? Will you be able to log in as employees to see what they see?
  • What reporting is available?
  • When I input a change for an employee in the system can I also input an effective date? How does effective dating work with payroll? Depending on how you pay (in the rears or on time), you will want to make sure payroll pulls the correct information at the right time.

Other Things to Consider

  • What training is available for you and your staff?
  • When you have questions what does your support team look like?
    • Call center and case number?
    • Small support team who will understand your company and policies?
  • How often do they update the system? When there are updates what does training and communication look like?

Systems Banks Are Using in the State (Received via Peer Group Responses)

  • Paylocity
  • Future Systems
  • Time Track (Jack Henry)
  • Payroll Maxx and Maxx Time
  • TruPay
  • Ceridian
  • HK Payroll Services
  • ADP

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