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The Iowa Bankers Association’s on-site training is designed to meet the compliance training needs of individual member banks. Conducted by IBA Compliance staff members and provided at a moderate hourly rate, on-site training is tailored to meet member bank’s specific training needs.

Compliance publications, references and resources

IBA’s compliance department offers a variety of products and services to assist members with compliance. From providing responses to compliance questions, to writing comment letters on proposed regulatory action, and assisting with internal compliance review and training, the IBA’s compliance professionals provide support and advocacy in an ever-changing regulatory environment.

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On-Site compliance training

IBA offers several training options to meet regulatory requirements, internal training requirements, and to address areas of heightened risk as determine by our member banks.

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Compliance Schools and Compliance Seminars

IBA offers annual compliance schools and seminars for bankers to learn about the compliance function and stay current with regulatory changes.

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Peer Groups

The goal of IBA compliance peer groups is to foster the exchange of information in a confidential and congenial setting. Peer groups establish a network where you can ask questions, share ideas and gather best practices.

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Training Events

The IBA offers a full-range of webinar and seminars for the compliance department. See the IBA calendar of events for current offerings.

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For more information, contact Julie Gliha at (515) 286-2981 or Ronette Schlatter at (515) 286-4361.